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Functions and Tasks

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The training programs of TIC are subject to framework programs of National Education System, and the issued certificates are defined by the Ministry of Education and Training.  TIC has to do research and applied Science and Technology for the benefit of the manufacturing sector.


TIC is under the administrative management of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, State management of Ministry of Education and Training, education and training management by Ministry of Labour - War Invalids and Social Affairs. TIC runs under the Regulation of Public College on the Decision no. 56/2003/QĐ-BGD&ĐT dated October 10th 2003 of Ministry of Education and Training.


           TIC has the following functions:


           Training and supplying technical workers with good characteristics and health, innovative academic and practical studies and adaptability in the labour market.


           Training, continuing education and upgrading for technical managers and high skilled workers according to specified standard requirements of local and international organizations.


Doing scientific research and development of technology and combining training tasks with the manufacturing process.  

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