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Landscape of the College

The campus includes:

The administration offices: 1,000m2

Lecturer Halls : 5,000m2 (50 standard classrooms)

State-of-art Workshops and Laboratories: 3,000m2

Dormitory: 3.000m2 accommodate nearly 1,000 students. The remaining 6,000 students live with nearby families.

Asphalted Road and Gymnasium: 7,000m2

Library Information Center: 600m2

At present, the modern library with 250 seats holds over 21.000 Vietnamese and foreign books and 25 kinds of periodicals.  Internet and photocopying services are also available to students.

The TIC has also encouraged all highly qualified and experienced teachers and lecturers to produce high quality academic textbooks and materials for the College. The faculty is always paid for this work. In addition, the TIC has been collecting materials and publications issued by other respected colleges and universities to meet our students’ and teachers’ demands.

System of classrooms, experiment laboratories and workshops has satisfied theory study and practice of all students.

* Faculty of General Education:  

      + Physics Experiment Laboratory

      + Foreign Language Laboratory

* Faculty of Environmental Technology:

      + Fundamental Geology Experiment Laboratory

+ Mineralogy Geology Experiment Laboratory

      + Engineering Geology and Geohydrology Experiment Laboratory   

      + Mapping Room

      + GIS Information Technology Practice Room

* Faculty of Chemical Technology:

      + Physicochemistry Analytical Laboratory

      + Spectrum Analytical Laboratory

      + ChemicalFood Experiment Laboratory

      + Biochemistry Experiment Laboratory

      + Petrochemistry Experiment Laboratory

* Faculty of Economy:

      + AC Accounting Practice Room

      + Imaginary/Illusive Practice Room

* Faculty of Electric – Electronic Engineering:

      + Electrical Engineering Experiment Laboratory

      + Electrical  - Electrodynamic Equipment Room

      + PLC Automation Room

      + Electric Classroom

      + Industrial Electronics Experiment Laboratory

      + Electronic Classroom

* Faculty of Mechanical Engineering:

      + Mechanical Material Experiment Laboratory

      + Air-compressed Experiment Laboratory

      + Tolerance - Measures Practice Room

      + CNC Practice Room

      + Auto CAD Room

      + DynamicMechanical Experiment Workshop

      + Classroom

* Faculty of Information Technology:

      + Basic Practice Room

      + Professional Practice Room

Every year, TIC has upgraded these classrooms and workshops by using the reserved capitals, economizing budget and drawing investments (including foreign investments). 

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