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Thứ năm, 09/10/2008 - 12:03 CH

Training Quality

Landscape of the College

TIC has encouraged good behaviour among student body. As a result there have been no disciplinary problems.



Some results:


Theory Subjects’ qualification reaches 98%, of which 30% is Fairly Good and Good

 Practical Subjects’ qualification 99%, of which 35% is Fairly Good and Good

Graduation Testing Exam’s  qualification reaches 98%, of which is 35% Fairly Good and Good

After graduation, students will have good opportunities for work. More than 80% are recruited into suitable positions and training areas immediately (up to 100% with Geology, Prospecting Drill, Geodesy, …)

 A survey of the Central and Western Highland localities demonstrate that the technicians and engineers graduated from TIC have met all production requirements. They are skillful, industrious and responsible. They are flexible and sociable with the local people. Due to this, they are always appreciated by their employers and many of them become high level workers or managers in manufacturing factories.


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