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Thứ sáu, 04/07/2008 - 11:24 CH

Department of Student Activities

1. Contact:

      Tel: 057.838241
        - Head of Department: Mr.
Nguyen Van DucA
        - Deputy head of Department: Mr. 
Vo Van Loi


2. Functions and tasks:
      The Department of Student Activities has to submit suggestions to the Rector, the Party Committee for education tasks and to give advice to all students formally.

-          To be  responsible for political education of students, monitor regularly and reflect fully and immediately political status of students to the Communist Party and the Rector then propose suitable methods.

-          To receive enrolling files and give advice to candidates on training branches of the College as well as the daily life, accomodation and job opportunities

-          To store recruited files and return to them upon graduation

-          To ensure all interests: tuition fee discounts, scholarship policies and other profits.

-          To send students to local Army Institutes for Defense Education, list of mature students and staff to do their military service, etc

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